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Electricity generation rates, for SCE and SBCE customers alike, have increased significantly over the past few months. This winter has been significantly colder than normal, causing a dramatic increase in heating needs and impacting natural gas supply. Natural gas supply has also been impacted by other factors such as the war in Ukraine, the El Paso Pipeline explosion and decreased natural gas storage. Though SBCE has no natural gas in its electrical portfolio, it remains one of the main sources of electricity across the state. It’s low supply means that other sources of electricity are in high demand, creating significant increases in electrical prices. Because SBCE prices track to SCE’s, customers of both electricity providers saw the same percentage increase in their bill. 


If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Joslyn Fritz at the City of Santa Barbara:

There are a lot of recent changes in the energy market, so we’ve put together more information to help explain the latest news and what you see on your bill.


  • Edison delivery & infrastructure increase for all customers (Edison and Santa Barbara Clean Energy) October 2021

  • Time of Use (TOU) rates

  • Energy generation increases for all customers (Edison and Santa Barbara Clean Energy) March 2022

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Sample SBCE Bill-01.png

Delivery Summary: This is the cost to move energy from the grid to your home or business.

Energy Generation Summary: This is the cost of the energy that you used. This is your green, clean energy!

Delivery Charges: These are the detailed charges for delivery and infrastructure to get energy to your home or business.

Energy Generation Charges: These are the detailed charges of the green energy you used.

Let’s make it easier to read your electricity bill. Southern California Edison sends you one monthly bill that covers the delivery charges from Edison and the energy generation charges from Santa Barbara Clean Energy. Please note: Santa Barbara Clean Energy replaces Edison energy generation charges and are not added fees.

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