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100% Green Logo - House Filled with Green

Santa Barbarans asked for clean energy, and 100% Green is the answer.

100% carbon-free, greenhouse gas-free energy for about $5 more/month. To meet the City's goal of 100% carbon-free energy use and make a significant impact on climate change, most people are enrolled in 100% Green.

Green Start Logo - Outline of House Filled Half Up with Green

Everyone can help the environment. 

Green Start offers more carbon-free energy than SCE’s standard service but at the same rates. Customers with financial assistance or those who want to keep their billing rates the same can choose Green Start. 

Resilient Logo - House Filled with Green and Solar Panel on Roof with Sun Above

Resilient is the best of all 3 options.


Combine local energy generation through solar panels on your home or office with either 100% Green or Green Start. This is the rock star level in choosing carbon-free electricity! Net Metering (solar) customers are automatically enrolled in Resilient paired with 100% Green.


Edison CARE customers are automatically enrolled in Green Start and maintain the discount that they have on their current SCE bill.

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You can change your enrollment a variety of ways - opt down to Green Start, go Resilient when you add solar, opt out and go back to SCE, or re-enroll in Santa Barbara Clean Energy. Click below for more information.


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  • Edison chooses energy

  • Same rates as Green Start but less carbon-free energy

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Green Start Logo - Outline of house half filled with green


  • At least 50% carbon-free energy (more than Edison’s standard service)

  • Same rates as Edison’s standard service

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Resilient Logo - House filled with green, solar panel and sun


  • Solar paired with either 100% Green or Green Start

  • Earn $0.0663/kWh for excess energy produced/year (Edison rates in summer 2021 were approx. $0.03/kWH)

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100% Green Logo - House filled with green

100% GREEN

  • 100% carbon-free energy

  • $0.012/kWh more than Green Start or about $5 more/month

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  • Santa Barbara founded and led

  • Not for Profit

Added Incentives:

  • Higher solar power payments (more money for local solar)

  • Induction Cooking Test Kits

  • BCycle reduced electric bikeshare memberships

  • Discounts on backup battery storage

  • Home energy audits & water monitors  

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Programs & Incentives


Green Start, 100% Green, and Resilient all put you on the path to a carbon-free electrical footprint. The more people that use 100% carbon-free energy, the bigger impact we have as a community in addressing climate change. The even better news is that any budget surplus gets reinvested back into our community in programs to create better energy and climate resilience - energy generated here that stays here...even when blackouts occur other places. 


Ever wondered how you can make smarter choices for our environment? We are here to help. As an added benefit, Santa Barbara Clean Energy is working on incentives and programs to address carbon emissions from electricity, gas, transportation, and waste to landfills.

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Please click on the video below to see an overview of electricity utility billing.


Please click on the links below to see billing rates for Green Start, 100% Green, and Resilience service options.

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In 2015, the California Public Utilities Commission issued a statewide initiative to encourage energy conservation during high energy demand times (generally 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm) and to shift energy use to the day when green energy is at peak production. Approximately, half of Santa Barbarans are already on Time of Use Rates. Please click below to learn more, ways to save money and energy, or how to opt out. Time of Use rates apply to the Santa Barbara Clean Energy generation and Southern California Edison portions of your electricity bill.


To provide a rate comparison for our customers, please click below to view common rates and average monthly charges with Santa Barbara Clean Energy and Southern California Edison. This includes a sample comparison of our rates, average monthly bills, and power generation portfolio content based on service option.

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