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Fire Station #4 with Solar Panels
Resilient Logo - House Filled with Green, Solar Panel and Sun

Resilient (Net Energy Metering) is the best of all 3 options.

Combine local energy generation through solar panels on your home or office with either 100% Green or Green Start. This is the rock star level in choosing carbon-free electricity! Net Metering (solar) customers are automatically enrolled in Resilient with 100% Green. 


We will pay you for the excess energy that your solar panels produce – you can earn $0.0663/kWh for excess energy produced each year.


If your system does not produce all of the electricity that you need, you can choose either 100% Green to have 100% carbon-free energy or Green Start to have at least 50% clean energy at the same standard rates as Edison to supplement your solar.

New to solar? Usually, your solar installation company will sign you up for Net Metering and then you will be enrolled in Resilient. Contact our team with questions.


Green Start Logo - Outline House Half Filled with Green

Everyone can help the environment. 


Green Start is the most economical way to begin reducing your electrical carbon footprint. Green Start offers a minimum of 50% greenhouse gas-free energy at the same cost as Southern California Edison's standard rate.

100% Green Logo - House Filled with Green

Santa Barbarans asked for clean energy, and 100% Green is the answer.


100% carbon-free, greenhouse gas-free energy for about $5 more/month. To meet the City's goal of 100% carbon-free energy use and make a significant impact on climate change, most people are enrolled in 100% Green.

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