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Thank you for helping us fight climate change. We appreciate your help and want to provide you with choices. Please see the chart below to compare service options.

If you would like to opt out before service begins, please fill out the form below. You can return to Santa Barbara Clean Energy at any time. Customers who opt out after service begins are subject to Edison’s terms and conditions and cannot return to Santa Barbara Clean Energy for one year. Once you opt out, you will no longer qualify for Santa Barbara Clean Energy incentives and programs. Please call our team at 805.897.1979 or fill out the form below to opt out and go back to Edison.


  • Edison chooses energy

  • Same rates as Green Start but less carbon-free energy

Green Start Logo - Outline of house half filled with green


  • At least 50% carbon-free energy (more than Edison’s standard service)

  • Same rates as Edison’s standard service

Resilient Logo - House filled with green, solar panel and sun


  • Solar paired with either 100% Green or Green Start

  • Earn $0.0663/kWh for excess energy produced/year (Edison rates in summer 2021 were approx. $0.03/kWh)

100% Green Logo - House filled with green

100% GREEN

  • 100% carbon-free energy

  • $0.012/kWh more than Green Start or about $5 more/month

  • Santa Barbara founded and led

  • Not for Profit

Added Incentives:

  • Higher solar power payments (more money for local solar)

  • Induction Cooking Test Kits

  • BCycle reduced electric bikeshare memberships

  • Discounts on backup battery storage

  • Home energy audits & water monitors  


**Please note, Edison mistakenly sent out transfer letters to some customers on August 26, 2021 due to an automation error in their system. Santa Barbara Clean Energy is brought to you by the City of Santa Barbara to provide carbon-free electricity in partnership with Edison. We have been working with
Edison to ensure they correct this issue.
If you received a letter, please contact us at 805.897.1979.

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